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Are you a busy woman who would like to carve time out of your schedule for rest and relaxation?  Welcome to Serenity.

You can either attend a gathering in person, or purchase access to the resources pack, used at each event.

What women say about Serenity:

I find the evening an oasis of calm.  I can just be me.  I connect with the visualisations and gain insight.  Thank you Delphi.

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Serenity at Home™️

To just purchase access to the Serenity Resources Pack –click here. Please note resources are for personal use only.

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If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Please note access to Serenity Resources Packs is not a recording of the live event.  These resources have been prepared and recorded privately in advance.

Please note prices and services are subject change.  Resources are available for a limited period, usually 28 days after the event.

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