The Serenity Gatherings™ are part of a service for Women in Serenity™,  providing resources and events exclusively for women, dedicated to self-care through mindfulness.  You can attend an event in person, or access one of the online resources packs.  No previous experience of mindfulness or meditation is necessary.


Because not everyone can attend the face to face meetings, I’ve developed Resources Packs* for your personal use. You can find out which packs are currently available by clicking here.

Milton Keynes

If you are local to MK, you will find the gatherings situated in Downhead Park, MK11.  Click here for dates for 2018.  £10 per person.

Details of all listings including The Serenity Gatherings™ are also advertised via EventBrite.

*Please note resources are for subject to availability,  protected by copyright and for your private and personal use only.

All events facilitated by Delphi Ellis, qualified therapist and mindfulness practitioner.  If you’d like to be kept up to date with Women in Serenity™, please subscribe here.

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