Relaxation Classes Ladies Only in MK and Biggleswade

Kindfully is my dedicated website to the subject of Mindfulness. During February, there are a series of four week classes I’m running in both Milton Keynes and Biggleswade which are ladies only.  If you’d like to find time for rest and relaxation, whilst learning about the popular topic of mindfulness, take a look at the links below.  Each class will include discussion and meditation practice; no previous experience of mindfulness or meditation necessary.

Each class is an hour, and all four weeks cost just £35 per person.

Relaxation through Mindfulness – MILTON KEYNES – Ladies Only

Relaxation through Mindfulness – BIGGLESWADE – Ladies Only

What is Mindfulness? Read more…

Can’t attend?  You might like Serenity at Home

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Copyright Delphi Ellis

Author: Delphi Ellis

Qualified Therapist, Mental Health and Wellbeing Trainer and Mindfulness Practitioner – Helping You Sparkle™. I provide talking therapies and workshops promoting positive mental health. My services are deliberately designed for busy people, who need to carve time out of their busy diaries to stay healthy and well. I am also a Women's Advocate, raising awareness of factors which affect Women's Mental Health like pregnancy and domestic abuse. I specialise in rest and relaxation, appearing as a TV and radio Dream 'Expert'.

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