Serenity at Home™

To purchase January’s theme resources pack – Awakening – click here.  This pack is available until 5th February.

The Serenity Gatherings™ are monthly events and resources exclusively for women, dedicated to rest and relaxation.  At the face-to-face events, women meet, talk, meditate and hold space together.  Each gathering is themed, covering a particular topic and now has a separate resources pack to purchase separately, for your private and personal use at home.

Serenity at Home™- The Resources Packs

How does it work?*
You gain access to the Serenity at Home™ resources pack by purchasing a registration ticket on Eventbrite.

You will be sent a confirmation email which includes the link to the resources, and a password.

The pack is available for up to 28 days, from the date of the live event.

To purchase January’s theme resources pack – Awakening – click here.  This pack is available until 5th February.

How much does it cost?
The introductory launch price is just £5 per person for online access to the pack.  This includes:

  • a welcome video on the theme of the month
  • an privately recorded version of the guided meditation used at the event (MP3)
  • a worksheet (.pdf) relevant to the monthly theme
  • an electronic copy of the themed meditation script
  • a motivational poster (.pdf) to print out and keep
  • subscriber access to the eGuide Finding Serenity

You will also be sent access to the Facebook group, exclusively for those who are interested in Serenity Gatherings™️ events and resources, where you can share experiences and ask questions. This group is currently only for those who identify themselves as women.

You’ll also be registered on an exclusive mailing list (so you can receive the access code) from which you can unsubscribe at any time.

What if I purchase the resources pack close to its expiry date?
The resources pack is available for 28 days from the date of the live (face to face) event.  If you purchase the pack close to the expiry date, you can opt for extended access.  Please ask for details.< strong>What if I want to attend the monthly face-to-face gathering instead?<<
long as you’re a woman living near a gathering, you can attend.  All attendees receive access to the same materials, plus the benefits of a face to face discussion, a cup of tea and a slice of cake!  Women who pay to attend the monthly gathering also receive a free gift.  It costs £10 per person.  You can find out about the local gatherings here.

* Please see terms and conditions below

Terms and Conditions The Serenity Resources Pack Price does not give you access to the live event, and is not a live recording of our discussions, for confidentiality reasons.  The online resources have been prepared and recorded privately in advance.  This is NOT a live streamed event.

The monthly packs become available at a designated date and time each month. Purchasing a bulk subscription doesn’t give immediate access to future themes. If you purchase a pack ahead of the live event, you will receive a confirmation email of your purchase, and then a further notification when your resources pack is ready to access.

Packs are for only for your personal and private use at home, and must not be copied, published, distributed, aired or amended without the owner’s permission.

You will automatically be subscribed to a mailing list in order to notify you that your pack is ready. Unsubscribing from this list does not automatically cancel your bulk subscription. Please get in touch if you need to cancel.

Prices and services subject to change.

©️ Copyright Delphi Ellis

Author: Delphi Ellis

Qualified Mental Health Therapist and Speaker on Self-Care, Women's Wellness, Mindfulness, and Grief. Dream Interpreter as seen on TV. Creator of Monday Mojo™. Avid tea drinker. Raise awareness of factors which predominantly affect Women's Mental Health like pregnancy and domestic abuse. © Delphi Ellis - Helping You Sparkle™ 2006 - 18

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